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When cross referencing water filters, a homeowner should keep his needs in mind, as different water filters feature different grades and efficiency levels based on the amount of water they need to filter and the type of water filtered. Homeowners should plan ahead according to budgets as well, as so


Water filters are used to remove chemical, physical and biological contaminants from water. By removing these contaminants, water filters improve the smell, taste and safety of water used for drinking, cooking and bathing. They are also used to aid in meeting public health standards for swimming poo


Filtered water is water that has been treated with a chemical or mechanical process to remove particles and pollutants. The exact components that are removed from the water vary with the filtration process.


Several auto part manufacturers, such as K&N Filters and AMSOIL, have cross-referencing guides included on their websites. Oil Filter Cross Reference is a generic website that suggests multiple compatible oil filters. Users should have their current oil filter's part number on hand before visiting a


While most auto parts stores have printed filter catalogs containing cross-references, searching the Internet using the term “oil filter cross-reference” will provide the quickest, broadest range of options. A very user-friendly site for cross-referencing oil filters for nearly any engine is oilfilt


Oil filter cross-reference charts can be found at tidyform.com. Using a manufacturer's or supplier's website to find a cross reference is the easiest way to locate a required part.


An oil filter housing is the location where the oil filter sits in a vehicle engine. Frequently, when an oil leak develops, the cause is a problem with the gasket in the housing.


A transmission filter is a filter designed to protect the transmission of a motor vehicle. The transmission is one of the key components to a motor vehicle and requires fluid to function. The filter keeps the fluid clear from debris and contaminants that can damage the transmission.


FilterMart Corporation and WIX Industrial Filtration publish cross-reference information for hydraulic filters. At FilterMart.com, customers can search by brand or part number, or the FilterMart part number. At WixIndustrialFilters.com, customers can search using all or part of a manufacturer's part


Cross-reference NAPA filters using NAPA's online filter lookup tool. Enter the NAPA model number of the filter you want to cross-reference, and the tool provides a list of filters with which it is compatible. The tool provides compatible filters both from NAPA and many of its major competitors.