The most well-known black and red spider is the black widow. There are many regional variations of black widows, but they can all be identified by the red hourglass shape on their abdomens. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Spiders

The tiny red "spiders" commonly found in gardens and on farms are not actually spiders but are a type of arachnid called spider mites. Spider mites are considered pests, live in large groups, and feed on a large variety ... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Spiders

Red house spiders are not poisonous. Spider fangs are too weak or small to puncture human skin, but when they do, the venom is harmless and at most may cause redness, slight swelling and itching. More »

Many black spiders exhibit white markings, such as the white-spotted jumping spider, the gray wall jumper, grass spiders, the zebra jumper and the false black widow. Others can be researched using resources like online a... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Spiders

In North America, there are multiple spiders that are completely orange or partially orange, such as the cross orbweaver, the woodlouse hunter, the black widow, multiple jumping spiders, and the sheetweb and dwarf spider... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Spiders

The black widow spider is the most venomous spider in North America, and lives in temperate regions such as the United States, Australia and Europe. The female spider is approximately 1.5 inches in length when mature, an... More »

Black widow spiders inhabit a variety of different terrestrial habitats throughout the temperate regions of the world. Humans frequently encounter black widows under some form of cover, such as logs, rocks, debris or ref... More »