There are multiple species of red roses with many different scientific names. The most common type of bright red rose is known as "Rosa Macdub," and is a climbing rose that can reach a height of up to 12 feet. More »

The red rose most commonly symbolizes love. Red roses are typically associated with romance and are used to portray deep emotions. More » World View Symbolism

The most widely recognized meaning of red roses is love and romance. Red roses have appeared throughout the centuries in many forms of inspiration including classical art, poetry and music. More » World View Symbolism
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Lenten roses aren't actually roses at all, but rather are a highly toxic, deer-resistant member of the buttercup family. Wear gloves for pruning and propagation, which should be done as the blooming season begins. It sho... More »

According to Pro Flowers, red roses are usually associated with love and romance, while yellow roses often symbolize good health, friendship or joy. Pink roses can also symbolize love, appreciation and gratitude. More »

Hocus Pocus roses are small rose flowers with deep red petals that are lightly streaked with yellow. The roses are often referred to as "sweetheart roses" due to their size. A single sweetheart rose has approximately 25 ... More »

Some tips for caring for rose bushes include using a soaker hose to make sure they receive at least an inch of water a week, planting them in areas that receive 6 hours of sunlight a day, feeding the roses with rose food... More »