To locate the nearest recycling center, inquire from a local state department or use an online resource. Recycling items helps keep the environment safe while ensuring a steady supply of raw materials to industries. More » Geography

To find the highest paying recycling centers in your area, search the Yellow Pages or Earth911 to find recycling centers, then contact each company and request buying prices for the items you're recycling. Earth911 allow... More » Business & Finance Industries

Recycling centers that accept Styrofoam items include GreenCitizen, Earth Friendly Building Materials, Alpha Ridge Convenient Center and Styro Recycle. Some of these companies place restrictions on Styrofoam recycling, s... More »

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Truck route regulations change by state, region and city, so the best source for a truck route map is generally the department of transportation for the state in question. For example, the official California Department ... More » Geography

To find out what candidates and issues are to appear on the ballot in your area, visit the website of your state's Secretary of State or department of elections. Some county websites also provide election information. More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Intergovernmental Relations is a department in a city or other particular area that is accountable for coordinating and monitoring activities with the state, federal and other local governments, and public agencies. It a... More »

To find out the specific procedure to register for a driving test in your area, contact your local or state department of motor vehicles office. DMV offices in most states administer driving tests through an appointment ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records