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Cheese enchiladas, spicy shredded pork, bow-tie skillet Alfredo, Thai lettuce wraps and homemade black pepper potato chips are some of Ree Drummond's most popular recipes. Others include beverages such as iced coffee and homemade lemonade.


Ree Drummond got her television show on Food Network after her first cookbook in 2009 got the attention of network executives. Her show, "The Pioneer Woman," premiered in 2011 and showcases Drummond cooking hearty meals for her family.


Ree Drummond's favorite meatloaf recipe consists of meat mixture containing eggs and bread, seasoned with Parmesan cheese, black pepper, salts, garlic, brown sugar and dry mustard. The recipe instructions call for the cook to wrap the meat mixture in a blanket of bacon and top it with sauce.


The comfort food recipes that have helped Ree Drummond become famous include macaroni and cheese, blackberry cobbler and broccoli cheese soup. Some of Drummond's other popular recipes include knock-you-naked brownies and flat apple pie.


A few photos of Ree Drummond's wedding can be found at her immensely popular The Pioneer Woman blog. However, as Drummond states on the blog, there are only a handful of images from her wedding in existence.


Ree Drummond is an award-winning food blogger, New York Times bestselling author and television personality who currently hosts "The Pioneer Woman," a daytime television series on the Food Network.


Ree Drummond occasionally gives away her blouses through contests on her website, The Pioneer Woman. She offers lucky winners blouses she decides to get rid of as she is cleaning out her closet.


Ree Drummond's ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, is 433,000 acres and is the 17th largest among the nation's top property owners, according to Modern Farmer. The Drummond family owns most of the ranch land but leases some of it from other individuals.


Ladd Drummond and his wife Ree own the Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma. Ladd Drummond's ranch covers approximately 40 square miles and contains 2,500 head of cattle. The extended Drummond family owns about 433,000 acres and is among the top 20 land owners in the country, as of 2015.


The Drummond Ranch comprises roughly 433,000 acres in Oklahoma and southern Kansas, according to data provided by Modern Farmer. The Drummond family ranked 17th in Modern Farmer's 2013 list of America?s top 100 land owners.