Chicken club ranch roll is a Super Bowl recipe from the Food Network. The recipe takes a total of 30 minutes to prepare, with just five minutes of prep time, and has a difficulty rating of easy. More » Food Cooking

Chocolate pecan torte and beef stew are two good recipes from the Canadian Food Network. The chocolate pecan torte requires more cooking skills than the beef stew, which is made in a slow cooker. More » Food Cooking

Some good recipes from Food Network include Simple Chocolate Chip Cookies and Maple-Glazed Salmon. These recipes are quick and simple, spicing up dinner and dessert with classic ingredients and easy-to-follow directions. More » Food Cooking
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Most taco soup recipes, such as the one from Paula Deen of the Food Network, call for ranch dressing mix as a flavor enhancer. The ranch dressing gets mixed in with the other ingredients. More » Food Cooking

The recipe for Charleston cheese dip by Trisha Yearwood from Food Network is an easy Super Bowl party recipe. A straightforward recipe for chili from MyRecipes is also suitable for a Super Bowl party. More » Food Cooking

Food Network and Southern Living provide appetizer recipes for the Super Bowl, including buffalo wings and baked spinach and artichoke dip. The Food Network recipe yields about four appetizers, but the recipe can be doub... More » Food Cooking

Some of the most popular food choices for Super Bowl parties are barbecued ribs, chicken wings, chili, dips and hot dogs. Nachos, tacos and fajitas are also popular options. Other possible choices include burgers, mozzar... More » Food Cooking