The New York Time’s recipe for milk chocolate hazelnut panna cotta and the Food Network’s chocolate-strawberry panini are two good recipes that incorporate Nutella’s popular chocolate hazelnut spread. The first recipe is... More » Food Cooking

Nutella lends a nutty note when added to desserts, including brownies, cupcakes and fudge, as well as more involved recipes, such as Nutella cheesecake, ganache, crepes and mousse. The hazelnut and chocolate spread also ... More » Food Cooking Nuts & Grains

Crab Melt-Aways is a tasty recipe that uses Kraft Old English Cheese Spread. It has just a few ingredients and is quick and easy to prepare. To make different types of melt-aways, cooks can change the type of seafood and... More » Food Cooking
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As of 2015, the Food Network website features a list of Trisha Yearwood's top recipes that include twice-baked potatoes, blueberry pancakes, chocolate pound cake, pimiento cheese spread and no-baste, no-both roasted turk... More » Food Cooking

Diner hamburgers and fried chicken are two good recipes for lunches or dinners. Marion Cunningham's yeast raised waffles is an example of a diner breakfast recipe. More » Food Cooking

Cherry cobbler and cherries jubilee are two good recipes that use canned cherries. The cherries jubilee recipe is the fastest to make and requires fewer ingredients. More » Food Cooking

Spicy sliders and cheeseburger dip are two good recipes using SPAM. The spicy sliders recipe calls for classic SPAM, whereas the cheeseburger dip is made with SPAM with bacon. More » Food Cooking