Oven-roasted edamame, cold edamame salad and edamame hummus are three popular edamame recipes. Cooks can use defrosted, canned or fresh shelled edamame to make each recipe. More » Food Cooking

One good edamame salad recipe is Alton Brown's roasted edamame salad from Another is the edamame-black bean salad recipe from Both recipes are easy to make and have received several pos... More » Food Cooking

Recipes from cooking shows can be found online through the official websites for cooking and food TV channels. Examples of these websites are, and More » Food Cooking
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A recipe for cold bow tie pasta salad is Jamie Deen's, which cooks pasta with edamame, carrots and broccoli before draining and combining in a bowl with shredded mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Toss this with a dressing ... More » Food Cooking

Some recipes from Cityline are pea and mint dip; beer-battered zucchini blossoms; and hummus, red bean and kale pesto. Some main dish recipes available include Niagara cherry-glazed chicken breast, honey roasted salmon w... More » Food Cooking

Well-regarded Nasoya recipes include a recipe for tofu sloppy Joes and a recipe for chipotle tofu hummus. The sloppy Joes recipe calls for firm tofu, while the hummus recipe requires silken tofu. More » Food Cooking

From mint and fruit smoothies and peanut butter-jelly-banana burritos to French toast and hummus, there are many simple recipes that kids can follow. Easy bread and raspberry squares are also perfect for junior chefs. More » Food Cooking