A good way to obtain a rebuilt engine for a Ford truck is to purchase one directly from the automaker. Rebuilt engines that come with a comprehensive warranty plan and typically a safer purchase than those purchased from... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine

There are many reputable online auto parts, auctions and specialized sale sites that offer rebuilt model A engines for sale; sellers such as American Listed usually have a website with contact information, an actual loca... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine

ATK Marine Engines sells high-quality re-manufactured boat engines for various types of watercraft. Atlantic Marine also offers rebuilt and upgraded marine engines for various commercial brands, while Mercury Marine re-m... More » Vehicles
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Before purchasing a Ford truck, the buyer should always examine the vehicle during daylight hours and carefully check its cooling systems, engine and shock absorbers. Even in a dealer's lot with plenty of lighting, night... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

The torque specifications of a Ford truck are important because torque translates into the amount of power the truck's engine is able to exert to spin the crankshaft and the wheels. Basically, the more torque a vehicle h... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

To build a Ford truck, go to the official Ford website, select the model you would like to purchase and enter the "Build Your Own" feature. Enter your zip code to allow the website to display trucks and configurations th... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

The Chevrolet 454 SS truck has a 454-cubic-inch, 7.4-liter eight-cylinder engine that produces 230 horsepower and 385 foot pounds of torque. It has a three-speed automatic transmission and a 3.73 rear axle ratio. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine