Rebar sizes range from #3 to #18 and are equal to the number of 1/8 inches in the diameter of the bar. A #3 rebar is 0.375 inches in diameter and weighs 0.376 pounds per foot. A #18 rebar is 2.257 inches in diameter and ... More »

To make a bottle tree, simply secure empty bottles at an angle on the branches of a tree, either real or artificial. Some bottle trees are made from sturdy material such as welded rebar or large dowels with nails to hold... More »

Welded wire fabric is available in a weight range of 21 to 85 pounds per square foot. Users can also purchase the material in a variety of spacing configurations, wire diameters, and sheet sizes. Common spacing configura... More »

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Precision Engineered Products (PEP), the largest subsidiary of NN Inc., supplies highly engineered plastic and metal/plastic electronic prototypes using variety of materials in as little as three days after prototype req... More »

Harbor Freight carries lathes made by Central Machinery in a range of sizes from 7 by 10 inches up to 14 by 40 inches in both bench top and freestanding styles, as of 2015. Some models are suitable for woodworking while ... More »

Henry Penny fryers come in a range of sizes with widths between 16.25 inches and 62.5 inches, heights between 32.25 inches and 71 inches and depths from 22 inches to 39 inches. The company provides dimensions on the data... More »

Lund offers decals of its modern or its retro logo in sizes that range from 1 by 6 inches to 5 by 8 inches. Customers can also purchase these decals in packs of multiple sizes. Lund also makes pinstripe decals for boats ... More »