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Reasons for Studying Child Development Recognize the importance of primary care relationships Provides quality curriculum through routine care environment ... infant a reason to go exploring. Cause and effect – Cause (action) creates an effect (event or happening).


Why is the study of child development important? The way that I approach them and quench their curiosity also aids in understanding the development of adolescents and older children as well as ...


Studying children helps in learning more about them. It helps in understanding how to interact with kids. Studying children enhances understanding of people because everyone was once a kid, and helps in appreciating development throughout life.


You can strengthen your relationship with younger brothers, sister, or children you know. You may be a father or mother someday You will learn to observe and understand children. teacher social worker nurse doctor teacher's aid mentor physically intellectually emotionally


Why Study Child Development? Studying Child Development is Critical in Child Health and Well-being. During the first 5 years of a child’s life, there is almost unimaginable physical, social, cognitive and emotional change and growth which takes place.


Reasons to Study Child Development Please purchase the course before starting the lesson. The Meaning of Child Development . Sources of Current Information on Child Development . Back to: Protected: Entry Level Child Care Training > (ELCCT) Chapter 3


Child Development is important for teachers to know to enable them to find ways or strategies on how to improve a child’s learning developmentt skills. Each child is unique and learn in a different pace. A child may excel in academics but not on h...


The Child of Our Time series is one example of a longitudinal study, with a relatively small group of children. The Millennium Cohort Study is an example of a large scale longitudinal investigation, following a much larger number of children who were also born at the beginning of this century. Case Studies


Another important reason to study development is that you can gain a greater understanding of what's normal. While every person is a little bit different, human development tends to follow a remarkably predictable pattern. Once you have studied development, you'll know what's typical at certain ages and stages.


Unfortunately with all of the paperwork, curriculum, district evaluation procedures, standardized testing and new common core implementation, very few teachers have time to brush up on their child development. Child development is a process every child goes through. This process involves learning and mastering skills like sitting, walking ...