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Some tips to find a realtor include to talk to previous clients, check his or her license, look for awards and ask questions. Stop in a local realtor's office or take in a few open houses to begin the search.


To become a Realtor, a person must first meet state licensing requirements to become a real estate agent and then join the National Association of Realtors, or NAR. Specific requirements vary by state, but typically agent licensing standards include a minimum age of 18,...


The National Association of Realtors indicates the median pay for Realtors was $47,700 per year in 2013. Realtors are real estate agents who are members of the association. In comparison, median pay for all licensed real estate agents as of 2013 was $39,800 per year.


Finding a good real estate agent involves several aspects: seeking an opinion of trusted sources, getting word-of-mouth recommendations, doing a bit of research and getting good answers to one's questions. If an agent is a member of the National Association of Realtors,...


To find phone numbers for Realtors, individuals can visit the National Association of Realtors website, which provides non-members a directory of licensed agents. Individuals can also use an online business directory, such as YellowPages.com, to find Realtors in the cit...


Find effective Realtors in Maine by searching on websites such as MaineRealtors.com or the Maine section of Realtor.com to identify agents with an appropriate amount of experience and the proper credentials for your needs. Research the agent by checking her past listing...


Sell a home without a realtor by pricing the home properly, ensuring it is in good repair, putting up signs, advertising online and showing the home to potential buyers, according to Consumer Reports. Also verify the funds of any potential buyers and hire a real estate ...


You can sell a house without a realtor by researching market trends, preparing the house, pricing the house well and negotiating the sale terms with the prospective clients.


Realtor's fees are determined by a few different factors, the biggest being the anticipated selling value, Realtor.com notes. Commissions are negotiable, but generally realtors charge 1 to 6 percent of the final selling value.


You can take online realtor classes by visiting and signing up on the websites of national and state realtor associations and educational institutions that offer such classes. The National Association of Realtors, Iowa Association of Realtors, Florida Realtors and Kapla...