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Wood paneling that has been fixed to walls can be removed by prying it away from the wall. If the paneling was fixed to the wall with glue, an adhesive remover might be needed. No other special tools are required, and it is a job that can be undertaken by anyone.


While there is not a foolproof way to get rid of paneling, the easiest and most popular way to cover wood paneling is by painting over it. The grooves in the paneling can be sealed using joint compound, providing a smooth surface on which to add paint, or the paneling can be painted as it is, result


You can cover wood paneling with tile, sheet metal, paint or wallpaper. Before applying paint or wallpaper, lightly sand the paneling to help the paint or wallpaper adhere to the surface. You can also cover paneling with drywall to create a smooth surface.


Wall paneling costs an average of $193 to $276 for a small 135-square-foot space as of 2015. The prices can vary based on the location. Online calculators typically include the option of adding a ZIP code to find out the approximate price.


To paint wood paneling, wash and sand the surface of the paneling, and apply primer and latex-based paint. Painting wood paneling requires 24 hours to ensure the primer has dried before applying paint.


There are several options for covering wall paneling, including paint, wallpaper and tile. Depending on how much effort consumers want to put in, they can easily create a new look in a room with old wood panels.


Lowe's sells a large variety of wooden and synthetic wall paneling, including panels made from cedar, bamboo, birch and hardboard. Available brands include Georgia-Pacific, EverTrue, DPI, Sequentia and Murphy. Lowe's carries unfinished, primed, painted and pre-finished paneling.


The major difference between painting indoor paneling and painting a regular wall is that indoor paneling needs to be sanded before the primer or paint can be applied. Paneling is harder for paint to adhere to than a typical painted wall.


Some common products used to cover wood paneling are paint, wall liners and paintable wall coverings. Other products include new wood, tiles and sheet metal. Ensure the wood panel is firm without any deterioration before covering it up.


You can purchase door skin panels online from companies such as WoodChipLumber.com and PVC-Shutter.com. Wood door veneer is also available online at BirchwoodBest.com. Birchwood Best produces wood door skins from a variety of tree species such as ash, cherry, walnut and birch.