The Flatiron Building in New York City is an example of a triangular prism in real-life. This building is a well-known landmark that defines the skyline of Manhattan and was originally built as the headquarters of the Fu... More »

A kite is a real life example of a rhombus shape. However, while a kite has a rhombus shape, it is not a rhombus. More »

Refrigerator compressors and chemical hand warmers are both real-life examples of enthalpy. Both the vaporization of refrigerants in the compressor and the reaction to the iron oxidation in a hand warmer generate a chang... More »

To find the volume of a triangular prism, multiply the base area by the length of the prism. You need to know the base area and the length of the prism. Use a ruler, a pen, a divider, a piece of paper and a calculator. More »

The faces of a triangular prism are parallelograms while the two bases are triangles. This gives the prism three faces. In a regular prism, the faces are rectangles. However, some prisms lean to one side and are oblique. More »

Calculate the surface area of a triangular prism using the formula (b x h) + (S1 + S2 + S3) H. You need the value of "b," or base of the triangle, "h," or height of the triangle, S1, S2, S3 or sides of the triangle, and ... More » Math Geometry Shapes

The formula for the surface area of a triangular prism is SA = bh + (s1 + s2 + s3)H. In this formula, "b" is the triangle base, "h" is the triangle height, "s1," "s2" and "s3" are the three triangle sides, and "H" is the... More »