Parapsychologists and researchers in the paranormal community claim to prove the existence of ghosts using non-scientific research methods. There is, however, no concrete scientific evidence to prove that ghosts are real... More » World View Paranormal

No existing photographs are conclusively proven to contain evidence of ghosts. However, certain photographs allegedly depicting ghostly activity have no unanimously agreed upon natural explanation. Some of the most famou... More » World View Paranormal

Photographers can use a number of techniques to produce convincing photographs of ghosts. In the article "How to Fake a Ghost Photo," Psychology Today blogger Katherine Ramsland describes a photographic technique called ... More » World View Paranormal
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Sufficient evidence to prove the existence of ghosts does not exist. Scientifically, this alone cannot be used as concrete proof that ghosts do not exist, but rather it provides two possible evidence-based conclusions. E... More » World View Paranormal

Although the existence of ghosts has never been proven, many locations around the country are believed by some to be haunted. In many states, real estate agents are required to disclose purported paranormal or supernatur... More » World View Paranormal

Because no substantive evidence for the existence of ghosts is universally accepted by science, arguments for their existence are more insinuations of likelihood or probability than they are concrete proofs. Some of the ... More » World View Paranormal

Shadow people is a term used to describe what most people refer to as ghosts. They are called shadow people because sightings are only made out of the corner of the eye and the form resembles a shadow. You can get rid of... More » World View Paranormal