Hallmarks of true friendship include trustworthiness and caring for the welfare and happiness of the friend. True friendship also respects individual privacy when appropriate and gives to others without expecting anythin... More »

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AllTheTests.com, KidsHelpPhone.ca, Kidzworld.com and lifescript.com provide free friendship tests. AllTheTests.com offers quizzes to determine your friendship style and quality of friendship and whether you are a good fr... More »

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Prepare for a real estate licensing test by studying state license laws, taking practice tests online, compiling a study group with fellow students to review course materials, and focusing on key concepts reviewed in a r... More »

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God, love, freedom, friendship and happiness are some of the things that people value as the most important things in life. Different religious views and ideologies play a part in determining what things people value the... More »

A good birthday wish to send to a friend is: "May your day be as happy as your friendship makes me." A funny birthday wish is: "Have an ecstatic anniversary of the date you emerged victoriously from the womb." More »

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The most famous sad friendship poem is Alfred Lord Tennyson's work "In Memoriam," a book-length work he wrote when his friend Arthur Henry Hallam died. Many other poets have also written sad poems about friendship includ... More »

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The moral of Charlotte's Web focuses on the beauty and love of friendship as well as the importance of choosing a true friend or a real friend. With the friendship theme comes loyalty. More »