A real estate listing is used to find properties for sale, to list properties for sale, to find properties with particular features, location or price range and as a tool for real estate professionals to help others to b... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Movoto, Zillow and Trulia are all reputable websites that provide maps with real estate listings. Typing in the city or region of interest produces a map of available properties. More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Neal Hribar, a San Diego County realtor, reports that a net listing is when a real estate agent lists a property at the amount the seller wishes to gain from the sale. The agent can then add a desired commission amount t... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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In order to make the best real estate offer, analyze the health of the real estate market, the condition of the property, the attractiveness of the neighborhood and the sale price of nearby properties. Consider other fac... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Zillow's real estate map is an interactive map that shows properties for rent and sale in a selected location. Users can narrow down search results using the search bar options. The map also includes new and foreclosed h... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Catskills real estate consists of residential and commercial properties for sale or rent in the Catskills region of New York State. The Catskills is a mountain resort area located about two hours from New York City and w... More » Business & Finance Real Estate,, and are all real estate companies that specialize in Norris Lake properties for sale. These websites provide area... More » Business & Finance Real Estate