Real-estate brokers and sales agents must earn a state-issued real-estate license to work in the real-estate industry. In most states, brokers must work as sales agents for at least one year before applying for a broker'... More »

The difference between a real estate broker and real estate agent is that a broker can work independently. Real estate agents are employed by a broker, and the broker is generally held accountable for the actions of the ... More »

Some tips for passing the California real estate exam include arriving early at the examination venue, taking ample time when answering the test, avoiding distractions and not rushing through the test. California real es... More »

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To become a real-estate developer, obtain a business degree, attain a real-estate license, get a job, build relationships with others in the real-estate field, seek financing, then start investing money into real-estate ... More »

To start a real-estate business, save enough start-up capital, get a real-estate broker's license, create a website, choose an office location, hire agents, and advertise the business. You must have at least two years of... More »

Real estate company Re/Max operates ten offices in the metropolitan Santiago region of Chile with 20 Spanish-speaking real-estate agents; 10 of those individuals operate in the city of Santiago. Spanish is the official l... More »

In most states, free real estate courses do not meet the minimum requirements to issue an official real estate broker certification. However, it is possible to take free courses and then separately take the licensing exa... More »