Raz-Kids is a K-5 online reading program that teaches students basic reading and literacy skills through a library of grade level interactive textbooks. It also provides a medium for teachers to monitor individual studen... More »

The best reading programs for kids varies greatly on the parents and the child's learning style. There are several top programs that many parents use. More »

Reading Eggs is an educational program for children that utilizes interactive animation, songs, stories, puzzles and activities to teach basic phonetic and reading skills to students. The components of the program progre... More »

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The Lexia reading program offers a basic reading program, a Core5 program that helps develop fundamental reading skills for students in pre-K to grade 5 and the Lexia Strategies program that is developed for remedial rea... More »

The Raz-Kids levels correlate to the reading levels of the books that the program uses. The levels go from AA to Z, with AA being the easiest and Z being the most difficult level based on the complexity of the text. The ... More »

Reading Companion is not a phonetic reading program; it is IBM's Web-based literacy program. The goal of the program is to provide essential skills in English. Phonics teaches the relationship between the individual lett... More »

Raz-Kids has e-books available for children to practice reading, assessments, writing resources and ready tests to diagnose any issues and monitor improvement as the child uses the site. Raz-Kids is a website dedicated t... More »