The vehicle identification number for Ford cars and trucks is a 17-digit series of numbers and letters that identifies an individual vehicle and certain aspects of the vehicle's construction. According to Ford Fleet, the... More »

You read a Chevy Vehicle Identification Number by decoding the characters in the 17-character VIN. Find your VIN at the base of the driver’s side dashboard. More »

To find a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), look at the driver-side corner of the dashboard through the windshield. Once you find the VIN, you can use it to obtain a vehicle history report online through third-party s... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

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The numbers and letters in a vehicle identification number indicate country of origin or assembly, make, type, distinguishing details, check digits, production year, place of production and production number. Beginning i... More »

To check a car's vehicle identification number or VIN, enter the 17-digit letters and numbers into a VIN identification website, such as Edmunds, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the National Motor V... More »

A Ford vehicle's universal vehicle identification number, for all models manufactured after 1982, can be decoded by the user at Vehicles produced prior to 1982 require contacting a Ford dealership for dec... More »