Over 46,000 books are offered online by Project Gutenberg, an online repository of previously published material. Project Gutenberg is completely free, and offers books both online and for download. An additional 100,000... More » Education

Websites that host complete novels for reading online include and Additional websites with collections of novels that can be read in an Internet browser are and Adelaide.... More » Art & Literature Literature has the original 22 "Goosebumps" books by R. L. Stine available for reading online. However, the site does not have the books from "Horrorland" onwards. More » Art & Literature Literature Children's Books
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The Internet Public Library, the Internet Archive, and Project Gutenberg all offer free books available in the Spanish language through their websites. Interested individuals can visit the Internet Public Library at ipl.... More » Education

Star Fall's online book program helps students learn to read by incorporating interactive audiovisual material and grade-appropriate reading exercises. Much of the program content is free, and those who want access to th... More » Education

The McGraw Hill Online Learning Center website divides its material according to state, user type and topic, so choose from these category lists to access the learning material that matches your test. The website then en... More » Education

The Thesaurus Precum Latinarum, an online repository of Latin religious texts, provides a pronunciation guide for Latin. There are two main ways of pronouncing Latin; the Classical Pronunciation, as used by the Romans, a... More » Education