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With thousands of antique bumper cores to choose from, we may be able to replace your heavily damaged or missing bumper. Purchasing a bumper core from our collection and having us re-chrome it, removes the risk of buying “unrepairable” cores from other vendors. It will save you time and money.


Specialized service to re-chrome your original, battered and bruised bumper or polish up an aftermarket bumper.


We also provide re-chroming services on steel and brass substrates such as trim moldings and grills. With a large selection of bumper cores from classic Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, and many others, Tri-City Plating is able to offer replacements for many of these scarce parts.


The bumper is then rinsed in a couple of acid and water rinses, and then the bumper spends the next minute in the chrome bath. Once the chrome is put on, the bumper is rinsed in a final wash, and drip dried. Having your bumpers plated with fresh chrome will do wonders for the finish of any muscle car, restored or not.


Bumper Re-Chroming. Goodmark Industries is an industry leader in the remanufacturing of parts for classic autos. Their skill and handiwork are second to none when it comes to getting a class car or truck pieced back together to look like it did back in the day.


Specialized service to re-chrome your original, battered and bruised bumper or polish up an aftermarket bumper.


Paul’s chrome plating shop serves the US and International markets. Whether you’re a car or bike enthusiast looking to have chrome parts restored, or a restoration shop performing restorations for individuals, we invite you to call Paul’s chrome plating shop. You will experience for yourself why we’re known as “The Before & After ...


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I can tell you I recently had the two bumpers, and a bunch of other parts, rechromed, and the total cost was a lot more than the car cost new. This early 50's GM car sold for around $2500 when new. I have twice that much in the chrome work I did. If you are restoring a car and have to ask prices, you can't afford to restore a car.


This is the best way to restore and polish rusty or oxidized chrome! Remove rust from chrome and don't waste your money getting it re-plated! Here is the met...