Soothe razor burn with crushed ice cubes, a paste of aspirin and water, an aftershave balm or witch hazel treatment. Those suffering from razor burn must wait a few days before shaving again, to avoid further irritating ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving

The best home remedy to soothe razor burn is pure vitamin E oil. Slice a vitamin E capsule in half and squeeze the contents onto a cotton swab. Apply the oil directly to the razor burn. The vitamin E will soothe the infl... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal

Laser treatments, dermabrasion and tissue fillers may be utilized to fade lasting razor bump scars, according to the Mayo Clinic. Self-care, such as a warm compress, soothing lotion and cleaning the affected area is the ... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes

To shave with a straight razor, soften your beard with a hot towel, apply shaving foam, draw the razor through the hair, rinse, and apply aftershave. This 20-minute process requires a straight razor, shaving foam, a shav... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving

Razor burn, which is also known as "razor rash," is a skin irritation that occurs after using a razor. It is generally red or pink in appearance and can cause significant discomfort. Washing the irritated area and using ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving

To avoid razor burn, treat skin both before and after shaving properly with a sharp razor. The razor should also be frequently rinsed to clean hair out of blades. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving

The length of time it takes for razor burn to go away varies depending on severity and skin type. Normally, razor burn disappears in a short amount of time. This is typically within a few hours to a couple of days; howev... More »