The availability and even the legality of raw milk varies from state to state, country to country. For the most part, raw milk is sold either directly by dairy farmers or through organizations based around dairy farmers,... More »

Homogenized milk is processed to break down the fat so that the milk is more consistent, whereas whole (or raw) milk has not gone through this process, resulting in solids rising to the surface over time. The process is ... More » contains listings of raw milk vendors by state, while your local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter can also advise you on where to purchase certified raw milk. Some retailers may stock certified raw milk, d... More »

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Miller' and the are sell raw milk online, as of 2015. The Weston A. Price Foundation is a resource that maintains an online list of raw milk providers. Due to individual state and... More »

The United States government sets the price of milk that the milk processors pay for raw milk. The price is set each month, and it can go up and down, depending on the availability of cows, the price of fuel, and the pri... More »

Amazing Savings sells a variety of goods depending on the store location and item availability. Products they carry include furniture, clothing, appliances, groceries and children's toys. They also carry holiday decorati... More »

Ocean temperature is the major factor in lobster availability, and availability is the main influence on wholesale pricing. When the water is warm, lobsters are easier to catch in large numbers, as they move closer to sh... More »