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A raw food diet can cleanse the body by helping it to remove toxins and other unhealthy materials by eliminating certain foods and adding those that aid in cleansing. Raw food cleanses have been purported to offer a myriad of benefits, including improved skin complexion, weight loss, energy gain and


Though raw food is not cooked in the traditional method of applying heat, there are somewhat elaborate raw food recipes available that can require extensive food prep. For example, layered raw lasagnas requires extensive preparation for each layer of the dish. Even simple raw food recipes, such as a


Eating certain components of the raw food diet, including nuts, vegetables, fresh fruit and legumes, alkalinizes the body. The purpose of an alkaline diet is to counteract the acids that foods like meat, cheese, milk, fish, grains, poultry and salt introduce to the body, according to About.com.


Raw food detox diets stimulate weight loss by promoting the consumption of alkalizing foods and changing the body's pH. These diets are based on the belief that the healthiest and most nutritious foods are in their natural state because cooking food destroys enzyme inhibitors.


A high-protein diet contributes to weight loss and stabilizes blood sugar. This diet ensures the body gets all of the protein it needs for muscle development and strength. It also facilitates the production of enzymes involved in cell, hair, nail and skin development.


Calorie-controlled snacks, light or zero-fat salad dressings, rotisserie chicken, low-fat dairy products and diet-friendly desserts are foods that an individual can have while dieting, notes WebMD. Breakfast cereals that are low in sugar but high in fiber and protein and cooking fluids such as wine


WebMD lists and reviews more than 100 diets for patients to get information on the most popular diet plans. U.S. News & World Report rates 32 diets for the best of 2014, including diabetes, heart-healthy, weight loss and plant-based diets. The media outlet also examines the best overall diets. Every


Some healthy diet foods for lunch or dinner are salmon, vegetables, chicken breast, lean beef and potatoes. Some healthy snack foods are Greek yogurt, fruit, kale chips and popcorn.


Soft diet foods include items that have a mushy consistency and are easy to chew, such as soup, noodles, applesauce, yogurt and pudding. Doctors may recommend this diet to patients who have certain diseases or dental problems or who are recovering from surgery.


The two main benefits of a diet low in sodium are lowered blood pressure and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. A low-salt diet is also beneficial for the protection of internal organs in the body, as they can become damaged by high blood pressure.