Charity Navigator and GuideStar research and evaluate charities based on financial health and accountability, listing top-rated charities in dozens of categories. The IRS provides Select Check to search for legitimate ch... More » Government & Politics Social Services

There are hundreds of legitimate charities in the United States that serve a variety of causes. Each year, Forbes formulates a list of the top 50 charities based on criteria surrounding the size of the charity, revenue, ... More » Business & Finance offers a list of the top 100 charities in the United States, ranked by total giving. provides a list of 100 large top-rated charities. More » Business & Finance
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Operation Smile is a legitimate charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service, and it meets a majority of the Better Business Bureau's charity accountability standards in the categories of governance, effectivenes... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Charity effectiveness is evaluated in two prime areas, the financial strength of the charity and its transparency and accountability. The financial strength of a charity includes its effectiveness in meeting its financia... More » Business & Finance

Organizations such as Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, and the American Institute of Philanthropy rank charities, including veterans charities, by analyzing the percentage of donations used to support a charity's progra... More » Business & Finance

Charity watchdog organizations determine the transparency of charitable organizations based on both the information that charities make public and data from public financial documents. They usually compare and contrast o... More » Business & Finance