Organizations like Charity Navigator and Charity Watch provide ratings for charities largely based on spending efficiency. Ratings organizations often develop their own ratings systems, although they tend to have a numbe... More » Business & Finance

Factors to consider when rating a charity include its overall financial health, the percentage of budget it spends on services versus overhead, and the cost of fundraising as a percentage of total funds raised. Governanc... More » Business & Finance

Forbes' ratings of charities for 2014 puts United Way in first place, followed by the Salvation Army, and Feeding America. These charities are ranked by total amount of private support. More » Business & Finance
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Ratings for charities can be found by contacting charity watchdog groups like Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, or the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. These agencies provide ratings online or in print when requested. More » Business & Finance

Charity Watch and Charity Navigator compile lists of top-rated charities. The companies analyze the efficiency of each charity by looking at how much of the money donated actually goes to the cause. More » Business & Finance

Organizations such as Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, and the American Institute of Philanthropy rank charities, including veterans charities, by analyzing the percentage of donations used to support a charity's progra... More » Business & Finance

Good charities to donate to, as of 2015, include the Brother?s Brother Foundation, Direct Relief and the Catholic Medical Mission Board, according to Forbes and Charity Navigator. These charities are among the most effic... More » Business & Finance