Charity watchdog organizations determine the transparency of charitable organizations based on both the information that charities make public and data from public financial documents. They usually compare and contrast o... More » Business & Finance

As of 2015, both CharityWatch and Charity Navigator list the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as the top-rated charitable organization for breast cancer awareness. These ratings are for assessments based on the fiscal y... More » Business & Finance

Forbes' ratings of charities for 2014 puts United Way in first place, followed by the Salvation Army, and Feeding America. These charities are ranked by total amount of private support. More » Business & Finance
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As of 2015, United Way has a score of three out of four stars on Charity Navigator, a reputable nonprofit organization that examines how charities utilize their funds and run their organizations. United Way uses approxim... More » Business & Finance

Charity effectiveness is evaluated in two prime areas, the financial strength of the charity and its transparency and accountability. The financial strength of a charity includes its effectiveness in meeting its financia... More » Business & Finance

Ratings for charities can be found by contacting charity watchdog groups like Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, or the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. These agencies provide ratings online or in print when requested. More » Business & Finance

Organizations such as Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, and the American Institute of Philanthropy rank charities, including veterans charities, by analyzing the percentage of donations used to support a charity's progra... More » Business & Finance