The Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll provides details about the current approval rating for the President according to results from registered voters participating in its various surveys and polls, including di... More » Government & Politics Politics

Political poll results are reported in local and national news sources, and they are published directly by the sources that carry out the polls. Additionally, some groups compile polls from many different sources for mas... More » Government & Politics Politics

Online polls work by compiling opinions from respondents that voluntarily answer a survey question or series of questions promoted via social media or through some relevant website. Online polls can be hosted and execute... More » Government & Politics Politics
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The information collected by Gallup for its daily tracking polls varies by survey. While the U.S. Political and Economic Daily Tracking Poll asks about current political figures and economic conditions, the Gallup-Health... More » Government & Politics Politics

Gallup is well-known for its presidential job approval poll, which goes back to the Truman presidency. Gallup also conducts polls that forecast the winner of the presidential election every four years. More » Government & Politics Politics

To find information on political polls, look through newspapers or go to websites such as Gallup, Townhall and Rasmussen Reports. Gallup is a well-known research-based company that conducts public opinion polls on topics... More » Government & Politics Politics

ADP makes software products that are centered around payroll processing, human resources management, the administration of benefits, tracking of employee time and tax information. ADP offers products for businesses of an... More » Business & Finance Corporations