According to the American Association for Respiratory Care, the rapid shallow breathing index (RSBI) formula is an objective method by which a patient is considered ready to be weaned off of a ventilator. AARC notes that... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

The rapid shallow breathing index is calculated by finding the respiratory frequency and tidal volume of the patient's breathing pattern. The index is expressed as a mathematical ratio such that the frequency is a lowerc... More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging

There are several common causes of shallow breathing, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, including asthma, blood clot, and choking. COPD, heart failure, lung infection, pneumonia or transient tachypnea c... More » Health Conditions & Diseases
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Treatments for botulism depend upon the form of the condition and include taking certain antibiotics, undergoing antitoxin injections and breathing through a mechanical ventilator, according to Mayo Clinic. Surgery may b... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Normal breathing rates per minute vary according to age. According to, newborns and infants take 30 to 60 breaths per minute, toddlers take 24 to 40 breaths, preschoolers take 22 to 34 breaths, school-age child... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

High potassium levels, also called hyperkalemia, can cause heart palpitations, vomiting and breathing problems, according to Healthline. Hyperkalemia may also cause feelings of weakness, tiredness, tingling, numbness and... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

Going for a walk, just breathing, soaking up the sun, listening to music and drinking tea are instant measures that lower blood pressure, reports Medical Daily. Blood pressure is a preventable disease associated with str... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels