In 1510 and 1511, Rafael painted the School of Athens in order to depict philosophy as one of the four branches of knowledge in a series of frescoes on the walls of the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. Pope Julius II co... More »

Raphael contributed to the Renaissance through the paintings, frescoes and architecture he created and designed throughout his career. He is considered one of the greatest artists of the period, along with Michelangelo a... More »

Raphael's art contributed to a more detailed, realistic and glorified depiction of the human form. He captured the grandeur and dignity of the human spirit in a way that embodied the spirit of the Renaissance. Raphael's ... More »

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"School of Athens" was painted by the artist Raphael in the early 16th century. It is classified as a High Renaissance piece, and it depicts some of the most influential philosophers in history. More »

Application to the Jerry Yarnell online school is made through signing up on the official website at Yarnell Studio & School of Fine Art LLC. The student enrolls by choosing from a selection of subscription packages. More »

Pablo Picasso studied at three different schools: the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, the Royal Academy of San Fernando and La Llotja. Picasso, the co-creator of the cubism art style, was born in Malaga in 1881. He fir... More »

Painting splatters on walls or other objects requires preparation of the surface and paint and proper tool selection. You need newspaper or drop-cloths, tinted primer, paint and paintbrushes in various sizes. More »