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PHRASE TYPE: Humorous, Serious. TEST YOURSELF MODE: Off, On. What's This? ¡Me arrastro ante vuetros pies, oh el grande! I grovel at your feet, oh great one!


Settings: German - Humorous ... To submit a phrase for the SmartPhrase.com Random Phrase Generator, please e-mail webmaster@smartphrase.com.


Generates random phrases and sentences, poking fun at political rhetoric, blog headlines, action movie titles and more.


This random tool provide random sentences, we have collected more than 1.7 million sentences, which contain more than 100 million words.


Random DIRTY Sentence Generator ... raw dawged asphyxiated reverse-cowgirled adjetive small big weird mis-shapen warm tired red blue humongous atomic sized.


7 Close the window airforce is coming. 8 I have two daughters and both are girls.. ... 11 Why Haircut not cut..? ... 13 Why are you looking at the monkey outside ...


I play tennis. He swims every day. I usually swim for two hours. Present Perfect: I have eaten. He has just come home. They've already gone. Past Simple ...


Here I've taken all the words on my printables, plus hundreds more, and combined them into different categories for playing games like pictionary, catchphrase, ...


RANDOM PHRASE GENERATOR FUNNY : DIESEL GENERATOR SALE : CAMPING GENERATOR QUIET Random Phrase Generator Funny generator A thing that generates something, ...


Aug 14, 2020 ... Our Random Pictionary Word generator is super useful if you don't happen to have the cards lying around. If you ever need inspiration, ...


The Random Sentence Generator contains 1000+ random sentences created specifically for this free writing tool and found nowhere else.