A human being can survive entirely on a diet of potatoes and butter. These two contain all the necessary nutrients that the human body needs. A human being can survive for weeks without eating, but can only live for 11 d... More » World View Philosophy

Some funny facts focus on the oldest condom in history, a cheese that's so potent it contains maggots and a reindeer that lived onboard a British submarine. In addition, some historical facts are funny. More » Hobbies & Games Puzzles & Brainteasers

One fun fact about the world is that there is enough molten gold at the core of Earth to coat the land at the surface with a knee-deep layer of the precious metal. Another interesting fact is that the continents are gros... More » Science Earth Science
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The meaning of the quote "to thine own self be true" is that an individual needs to always be themselves each day and night no matter what, if they want to succeed in life. The quote explains that a person shouldn’t let ... More » World View Philosophy

A personal timeline is a graph or diagram that visualizes significant moments in a person's life. It highlights the causal events, both positive and negative, that lead to what has become of the person in the present. More » World View Philosophy

Although a follower of Voltaire's deist beliefs early in his life, Denis Diderot became an ardent atheist and a believer in materialism, the view that the fundamental substance that makes up the whole of nature is matter... More » World View Philosophy

There are many reasons to be thankful, depending on a person's station in life. Some general things to be thankful for are health, wealth and family. More » World View Philosophy