A human being can survive entirely on a diet of potatoes and butter. These two contain all the necessary nutrients that the human body needs. A human being can survive for weeks without eating, but can only live for 11 d... More » World View Philosophy

Some funny facts focus on the oldest condom in history, a cheese that's so potent it contains maggots and a reindeer that lived onboard a British submarine. In addition, some historical facts are funny. More » Hobbies & Games Puzzles & Brainteasers

One fun fact about the world is that there is enough molten gold at the core of Earth to coat the land at the surface with a knee-deep layer of the precious metal. Another interesting fact is that the continents are gros... More » Science Earth Science
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Without gravity, there would be no life on Earth at all. Anything that rests on the planet would float off into space; this includes everything from human beings to all the water on Earth. More » World View Philosophy

Weathering adverse events over the course of a lifetime may not develop character, but it does help to improve a person's mental health and outlook on life, which contributes to strong character, according to a study in ... More » World View Philosophy

There are many reasons to be thankful, depending on a person's station in life. Some general things to be thankful for are health, wealth and family. More » World View Philosophy

Some examples of life accomplishments include running a marathon, quitting smoking, getting promoted, climbing a mountain or simply being a parent. A life accomplishment can be a personal or professional milestone that i... More » World View Philosophy