Dispose of a random email from an unfamiliar email address by adding it to the junk email folder. Never open these emails or click any links inside them because they often contain links to malware and computer viruses. More » Technology E-mail

Free email addresses are provided to users for no monetary charge. Many email address providers offer free email addresses to anyone who wants one. These providers include Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. More » Technology E-mail

To look up someone’s email address, an email finder service such as may be helpful. Other ways to find an email address include using a popular search engine or searching newsgroups. More » Technology E-mail
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To stop receiving junk email, download and install a spam-filtering application, such as Spamfence, Spamato or POPFile, and set up your email account to run through it. Alternatively, mark the unwanted messages as spam t... More » Technology E-mail

To send music through email, simply click the attachment icon inside the email and open the folder or source where the song or songs are stored. One can also go directly to the stored location of the song and right click... More » Technology E-mail

To retrieve deleted emails, click on the folder in your email application marked "Trash" or "Deleted Items." Click in the check box next to the email(s) you want to retrieve, and choose the option that allows you to move... More » Technology E-mail

There are four main parts of an email address, including the user name, the "@" symbol, the mail server and the top-level domain, according to St. Edward's University. Each email address identifies a unique individual on... More » Technology E-mail