Different types of wainscoting patterns include raised panel, flat panel, overlay panel and embossed metal panel varieties. Some designs use a combination of bead-board, thin slats of wood used in Victorian kitchens and ... More »

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Wainscoting panels are individual wood panels used for decorative accents, for insulation and to conceal water damage on walls. Wainscoting panels covered entire walls in earlier centuries, but underwent a change in the ... More »

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Raised panels are the most traditional style of wainscoting, and this style goes back to Colonial times. Flat panel is another style that provides clean lines and a simple design. Another style of wainscoting is the over... More »

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Materials used for wainscoting include solid woods, PVC plastic, embossed metal or ceramic tiles. Some wood-like materials are embossed MDF, hardwood veneer, embossed gypsum board and drywall. More »

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Some varieties of glass sliding doors for closets include raised panel, translucent glass, mirrored and frosted glass. These doors present advantages such as custom sizing, enhancement of space and addition of style. More »

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Free chip-carving patterns are traced onto a soft wood such as basswood. The chip carver then chips or removes small areas to create carved designs. Using free patterns is especially good practice for beginning chip carv... More »

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Horizontal axis and vertical axis windmills are the two most widely used types of windmills. They have two or three blades that convert wind energy into rotational mechanical energy, which then powers an electricity gene... More »