The Earth's rainforests have been given well-deserved nicknames, such as "lungs of the planet" and "cradles of biodiversity." Tropical rainforests cover no more than about 6 percent of the planet, yet one of the Earth's ... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

One of the most interesting facts about the tropical rainforest is that half of the plants and animals on the planet live in these habitats and many species may still be undiscovered. Rainforests contain two-thirds of ea... More » Science Environmental Science

Temperate rainforests are located in temperate regions, such as the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Canada, New Zealand, East Asia, Australia and Europe. Most temperate rainforests are located along the coastline of temperate... More » Science Biology
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Some names of rainforests include the Southeast Asian Rainforest, Daintree Rainforest, Valdivian Temperate Rainforest, Congon Rainforest and Amazon. Some of these rainforests are not as dense as they used to be because o... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Countries that have rainforests include the United States, Mexico, Belize and Indonesia. Other countries that have rainforests are Cameroon, Burma, Malaysia and the Philippines. Australia and Papua New Guinea also have r... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Venus, the second planet from the sun, is only a bit smaller than Earth. Venus was named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love and is the only one of the major planets named after a female deity. More » Science Astronomy Planets

Observed from space, the United States is the brightest country on the brightest planet in the Solar System because Earth's water makes it the brightest planet and the United States is abundant in artificial lighting, es... More » Science Astronomy Universe