Rainbow Magic Online features four online games for kids that can be played in an Internet browser, as of 2015. It also offers an activity section with printable games for children who like to play offline. More »

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Some of the themes of the Rainbow Magic book collection include pet keeper fairies, music fairies, weather fairies and sporty fairies. There are also books about ocean fairies, jewel fairies, party fairies, holiday fairi... More »

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"Ally the Dolphin Fairy" and "Pia the Penguin Fairy" are some popular Rainbow Magic books. "Ruby the Red Fairy" and "Amber the Orange Fairy" are some popular books in the Rainbow Fairies series. More »

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Users can find online games appropriate for kids under the age of 10 by visiting the Nick Jr. website. The site offers a variety of games that can be enjoyed by all ages. More »

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A few online games that feature Po, the Kung Fu Panda, include "Super Brawl 3," "Paw Some Panda" and "Protect The Valley." These games are part of the Nickelodeon website and are free to play. More »

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Pokemon games for kids include a wide selection of board games, online games on the Pokemon website and games on Nintendo's handheld and console devices. The series also has a popular trading card game collection, and pr... More »

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"Visit the Dentist with Marty" and "To Tell the Tooth" are online games at the MouthHealthy Kids website that teach children about teeth and dental hygiene. The "MatchIt Sentences" game available at LearningGamesforKids.... More »

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