The rainbow macaw, or the Catalina macaw, is a hybrid between the scarlet macaw and the blue-and-yellow macaw, both of which are South American parrots. All macaws are large birds with stout beaks, long tail feathers, vi... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Macaws are large New World parrots from the family Psittacidae, characterized by their long tails, large beaks and unique facial feather patterns. There are 19 species of macaws, four of which are extinct or critically e... More » Pets & Animals Birds Parrots

People with exotic birds often choose exotic-sounding names, such as Paco, Kiwi, Rio, Tookie, Tango, Beau and Coco, according to Bird Channel. Top Amazon parrot names include Moe, Buddy, Baby, Charlie, Max and Morgan. To... More » Pets & Animals Birds
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A Camelot macaw is a hybrid between a Catalina macaw and a scarlet macaw. Catalina macaws themselves are hybrids, and one of their progenitor species is the scarlet macaw. Therefore, Camelot macaws are genetically 75 per... More » Pets & Animals Birds

According to Sialis, Eastern bluebirds and robins both commonly have blue eggs. Robin eggs are larger, often quarter-sized and paler blue, while Eastern bluebird eggs are deeper blue and smaller in size, closer to the di... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Birds that have orange beaks include the cattle egret, the American oystercatcher, the horned puffin, the Northern cardinal and the American white pelican. The cattle egret is the only type of small white egret that is i... More » Pets & Animals Birds

The Catalina macaw is a hybrid of the scarlet and blue-and-gold macaws. The species is solid orange to red at the chest and top of the head, and green to blue from the neck down the back to the wings. Adult Catalina maca... More » Pets & Animals Birds Parrots