"To submit an Indian railways PNR status inquiry, visit, click PNR Status on the toolbar at the top of the homepage, enter your PNR, and click Get Status. Alternatively, click SMS Service under Services... More » Geography

More » Geography

More » Geography
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To check the PNR, or Passenger Name Record, status of a booking on Indian Railways, visit Click on the PNR Status link at the top of the page. Type the PNR from your booking into the correct field, and... More » Geography

Indian Railways' official website has a tool that allows users to check their PNR status. The tool requires the passenger to enter their PNR code along with a short verification code and returns the passenger's current P... More » Geography

To check the PNR status for Indian Railways, enter the PNR online at, or use SMS to send "PNR" followed by the 10-digit number to 139. Apps such as GetJar's Rail Yatra app for Android devices or Karan Chec... More » Geography

A traveler can check the status of an Indian Railways reservation online by clicking PNR, or passenger name record, Status on the homepage and entering the ticket's passenger name record number in the b... More » Geography