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To find baby rabbits for sale, contact rabbit breed clubs to locate reputable breeders in your area. Check with animal shelters and rabbit rescues as well, since they may have young rabbits available for adoption.


Petco does not regularly offer rabbits for sale in its stores, as of 2015. However, Petco does offer a selection of other small live animals which varies by store, and Petco.com advises customers to check their local stores for availability.


Rabbits live on all continents, except Antarctica. They are most prominent in North America, with approximately 50 percent of the entire population living there.


Rabbits generally hop using a gallop-style gait, during which the back paws land together in pairs forward of and outside of the front paws. They use this gait whether they are moving quickly or slowly. Rabbits will also walk when carefully exploring a new area.


While most rabbits make good pets, Just Rabbits states that some are better suited as pets than others due to their personality traits. Among the most popular pet breeds are the Sussex, Dutch, Himalayan, Havana and Standard Chinchilla.


A list of Netherland dwarf rabbit breeders is available at RabbitBreeders.us. Netherland dwarf rabbits may also be purchased directly from CrainAcres.Weebly.com. RabbitBreeders.us hosts a state-by-state searchable database of breeders.


The origin of the European rabbit traces back to the Iberian Peninsula and parts of France. There are 80 different species of rabbit that exist in areas around the world today, all of which evolved from the European rabbit .