A quick weave is a hairstyle that allows individuals to attach extensions to the hair. The individual’s natural hair is protected by a cap or a liquid-gel concentration that protects it from the bonding glue. More »

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The bob and the pixie are some short hairstyles that can be created with a quick weave. The hair can be styled in feathered layers in a bob or in a spiky style near the top of the head for a pixie cut. More »

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Some short, quick-weave styles include a bob, a bowl cut and a pixie cut. The fastest and most efficient way to install these weaves is by using a weave or wig cap. No mater what style has been chosen, a quick weave is a... More »

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Wave Nouveau is a stylish and fashionable hairstyle that must be carefully maintained like any other permed hairstyle. It is best cared for by maintaining good hair discipline, this includes washing it correctly and regu... More »

Some hairstyles with a spiral perm include the short spiral perm hairstyle, the red spiral perm hairstyle, the spiral perm hairstyle with a bow, the long golden spiral perm hairstyle and black spiral perm hairstyle. Spir... More »

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There are several safe, natural and effective ways to darken hair without chemical hair dye. Most of the necessary ingredients are staples of the supermarket produce bin and fruit juice aisle. For example, beet juice and... More »

When hair is bleached, it goes through an oxidation process that dissolves the color pigments in the hair. According to Hollistics, during oxidation, bleach ingredients release oxygen molecules that bind to the hair's me... More »