Kraft Recipes' snap pea salad and Martha Stewart's hoisin-glazed eggplant and sauteed spinach with pancetta are three quick and easy side dishes. These vegetable-based dishes require minimal cooking. More »

Food Network has simple side dishes, including Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli and Sunny's Easy Baked Beans. The former serves 6 people, and the latter serves around 8 to 10 people. More »

Side dishes that pair well with oysters range from whole grains to greens to breads. Look at how the oysters are prepared, and match a corresponding side dish based on its flavor profile. More »

Some side dishes that may complement jambalaya well are okra and tomatoes, black-eyed peas, dirty rice and Creole eggplant. Other Creole and Cajun inspired side dishes that pair well with jambalaya include fried frog leg... More »

Some side dishes that go well with lamb chops include Greek salad, Israeli couscous with roasted eggplant and cinnamon-cumin dressing, and triple-cheese soft polenta. Orzo, feta and tomato salad with marjoram vinaigrette... More »

As a savory-tasting Polish dumpling, side dishes that work well with pierogi are also ones that can stand up to its strong flavors, such as vegetables like tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, green beans and spinach. Roasting, b... More »

There are various side dishes that complement fried fish, including vegetables, potato dishes, beans and salads. French fries are one of the most popular accompaniments to fried fish; the combination is known as fish and... More »