Ways to make quick cash include selling unused items, babysitting and dog walking. Jobs that pay the same day are available on and as of 2015. More »

Donating plasma, babysitting, and recycling are methods of making money quickly, according to U.S. News & World Report. Participants typically receive payment for these services on the same day. More »

While some may feel quick cash loans should never be used, the only borrowers who should use them are those who really intend to pay the entire loan back on time, avoiding the penalty fees that accrue for each late payme... More »

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Earn cash daily by offering babysitting or pet-sitting services. You can also take care of lawns or recycle scrap metal to earn cash every day. More »

Preteen and teenage children can create and distribute flyers and business cards as ways to advertise their babysitting services. They can also ask couples who already use their babysitting services for referrals, use lo... More »

There are numerous ways to earn extra income, including getting a part-time job, starting a business, offering one's services, such as dog walking or babysitting, or pawning valuable items. Some tasks allow individuals t... More »

There are a number of ways to earn cash as a stay-at-home mom. Importantly, the stay-at-home must determine whether she would like to use skills that she has in her job, what kind of flexibility she has regarding hours a... More »