Example templates for surveys and questionnaires include customer satisfaction surveys, medical history questionnaires, academic research surveys and employee performance questionnaires. These surveys may include section... More »

A wellness questionnaire is a series of questions about a person's health, habits, stress level and lifestyle that help pinpoint areas in which the person can improve their health and wellness, according to Monmouth Univ... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Most jury questionnaires ask potential jurors about background characteristics, such as their age and race; their general experience, such as military service and hobbies; and any case-related experience, such as involve... More » Government & Politics Law
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Some types of templates for survey forms include templates for customer satisfaction surveys, education surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, event planning surveys, healthcare surveys and marketing surveys. SurveyMonk... More »

Customer satisfaction surveys, political polls, academic questionnaires, human resource surveys and health assessments are some of the different types of online questionnaire templates that are available. Many online sur... More » Technology Internet & Networking

The purpose of employee engagement surveys by Gallup is to measure the engagement of employees. Other Gallup surveys are designed to measure economic confidence and can also be used for identifying approval rates of poli... More »

Useful forms to have in an office include requests for time off, employee identification forms, expense report templates and time sheets. Other types of useful forms vary depending on the nature of the company, as many i... More »