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As of 2015, patients can find locations of Quest Medical Labs online at Questdiagnostics.com under the "Find a Location" tab. Customer service representatives for the company can also provide lab locations at 1-866-MYQUEST.


The services offered at Quest Diagnostics medical labs include a wide range of laboratory testing for individuals, employers, government agencies and health care providers, as is stated by Quest Diagnostics. In addition to lab tests, Quest Diagnostics provides health ma...


Appointments can be made directly on Quest Diagnostics website, or patients can search for a lab's location. Once the patients have located a convenient location, they can contact the lab directly.


A lab test appointment is not required for Quest Diagnostics, but some locations do offer appointments, according to the company's website. Appointments are made online at QuestDiagnostics.com, or by contacting the local Quest Diagnostics branch.


Quest Diagnostics tests and interprets human specimens, including stool, urine, plasma, bone marrow and whole blood, as its website indicates. When testing for viruses and other pathogens, the company may also test spit, ear wax and other substances, and Quest also anal...


Quest labs accept different types of insurance depending on the state where the facility is located, explains Quest Diagnostics. To see the list of accepted insurance providers, visit QuestDiagnostics.com. Click the For Patients tab, and then select the See Insurance Pr...


Patients who wish to find nearby Quest Diagnostics Labs can look on the official website for Quest Diagnostics, QuestDiagnostics.com. The website has a location search engine in which users can type in their city and state to find the nearest lab, according to Quest Dia...