According to The Roar, Queensland had won the State of Origin rugby competition eight times in a row before losing to New South Wales in 2014. The last time that New South Wales won was in 2005, but Queensland had triump... More »

The Pennsylvania State Bird, more properly referred to as the state game bird, is the ruffled grouse, otherwise known as the partridge. Mrs. Harry J. Shoemaker and various members of the State Federation of Women's Clubs... More » Geography United States The Northeast

The four theories of state origin are evolutionary theory, force theory, divine right and social contract. The vast majority of the states in the world today originate from social contract. This is essentially a constitu... More »

There are many rescues for Queensland heelers. This dog breed is more commonly known as the Australian cattle dog in the United States, and most of the rescues use the more common name instead of Queensland heeler. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The football team Arsenal has won the league 13 times. Arsenal first won the English league in the 1930 and 31 season and last earned the title during the 2003 and 2004 season. The club's most successful period was durin... More »

Manchester United have won the Premier League 13 times. Since the Premier League was founded in 1992, Manchester United have won more titles than any other English football club. More »

The Italian men's national soccer team has won the FIFA World Cup four times as of 2014. Italy won the competition in 1934, 1938, 1982 and most recently in 2006. More »