Located where the mouths of the Mars and Ha! Ha! Rivers meet to form the Ha! Ha! Bay, La Baie became the first colony established in the Saguenay-Lac St. Jean region when the Societe des Vingt et Un settled there in 1838... More » History Modern History

Results of the Quebec Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament are available online at The site offers viewing in both French and English. A list of winners is available by clicking the Winners from 1960 link unde... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports

Fleury Mesplet founded the Montreal Gazette in 1778 as the first French-only newspaper for the Montreal, Quebec, region. The Montreal Gazette was briefly a bilingual newspaper between the late 1700s and 1822, after which... More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers
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As of 2015, La Baie Montreal sells a variety of fashion and beauty products for men, women and children. Additionally, the company also sells jewellery and accessories and also offers a variety of shopping-related servic... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Some famous women in history include Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Blackwell. Each of these women was born and raised in the United States and made her mark on history in America. More » History Modern History

Dates are important to history because they help chronologically show cause and effect relationships between events. By knowing exactly when things occurred, historians can also more accurately compare different societie... More » History Modern History

Some influential people in history are William Shakespeare, Mahatma Gandhi, Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich Nietzsche, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sigmund Freud, Charles Dickens, Paul the Apostle, Winston Churchill, Augustus, L... More » History Modern History