Quartz kitchen countertops have advantages such as being non-porous, scratch resistant, acid resistant, impact resistant and naturally beautiful. Quartz also has bacteriostatic properties that prevent the growth of mold,... More »

Popular colors of quartz kitchen countertops include white, grey, black, earthy browns and creams. Since quartz is a man-made product, there is a wide range of countertop colors available, such as bright red, deep blue a... More »

Countertops made of engineered quartz are considerably heavier than other types of stone, including granite, according to HGTV. Nevertheless, quartz has gained tremendous popularity in home design, due to its durability ... More »

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The most popular types of kitchen countertops are stone, such as granite, quartz, marble, limestone and soapstone. Other popular kitchen countertop materials include laminate, solid surface, recycled glass and butcher bl... More »

Wilsonart makes kitchen countertops in high pressure laminate, quartz and solid surface. Its laminate designs are available with premium finish options such as matte, glossy and abstract textures. More »

Quartz countertops are artificial stone countertops that are made of 90 percent ground quartz and about 10 percent polymers, resins and pigments. Quartz countertops are also known as engineered stone countertops. More »

Laminate, solid surface, granite and quartz are some of the different types of kitchen countertops sold by Lowe's. These types come in different colors and designs, and samples may be purchased to help a customer with hi... More »