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There is a marked distinction in deer characteristics between whitetails found in different parts of the continent. The Northern whitetails of the Midwest and Canada are large bodied deer with traditionally bigger antlers and a rough gray color. Southern whitetails, or “savannah deer”, are typically smaller bodied than their cousins to the ...


Venison, (from Latin venatus, “to hunt”), the meat from any kind of deer; originally, the term referred to any kind of edible game. Venison resembles beef and mutton in texture, colour, and other general characteristics. It has virtually the same chemical composition as beef but is less fatty. Lean


Mule deer are browsers, feeding on herbaceous plants and the leaves and twigs of woody shrubs. Mule deer are selective feeders. Instead of eating large quantities of low-quality feed like grass, they must select the most nutritious plants and parts of plants. Because of this, mule deer have more specific forage requirements than cattle or elk ...


The deer, or hind, referenced here can also be called a gazelle, a graceful, swift, and sure-footed animal that can climb sheer rocky cliffs and never stumble or fall. In climbing, the deer can place her back feet exactly where her front feet were, thus needing only two sturdy footrests instead of four. She can scamper across what appears to be ...


Red Deer – Cervus elaphus. The Red Deer feature a gorgeous coat that is any shade of red. They often have a darker color to them that can almost seem brown in many regions. As the year moves along though and winter sets in the coloring will be more of a gray.


The book ends with Habakkuk stating, "The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights" Habakkuk 3:19. I just love this. If you are going through a rough time what do you make your strength? It is so important that it is found in the unchangeable and loving God we serve.


Deer also possess a great leaping ability. They bound swiftly across a dense forest or prairie, often jumping 8 feet into the air. The strong muscles of a deer’s hind legs provide most of the power for running and jumping. The front legs are ideal for pivoting, allowing a deer to make sharp turns.


At the windy end, pour some deer scent at several areas, then set up high in a tree stand just on the edge of the timber. If you’re set up high enough, your human odor should flow above the deer. Tip 7 Practice setting up and taking down your tree stand before the season, and do so low on the tree. Getting into and out of your spot as quietly ...


Whether galloping across an open field at 30-35 mph, jumping an 8-foot fence in stride or clearing a 7-foot fence from a stand still,