Pyramid shapes are virtually everywhere; they are prominent in the world of architecture and in works of art. Well-known examples include the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, the Great Pyramid of Giza and various graphs used to... More » Math Geometry Shapes

Examples of items that are cone-shaped or conic in design are the waffle cone, paper megaphone, traffic cone, funnel, Christmas tree and party hat. Some decorative items, such as lamp shades, earrings or brooches, are al... More » Math Geometry Shapes

Pyramids are three-dimensional tetrahedrons with a base, which can be rectangular or triangular, and corresponding sides comprised of triangles that meet at a single apex. Thus, because there are multiple kinds of pyrami... More » Math Geometry Shapes
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Instructors teach 3D shapes using books with colorful pictures or by demonstrating with real objects. Others use foldable nets, videos or games and integrate terminology regarding the shapes in general conversations with... More » Math Geometry Shapes

Two-dimensional, otherwise known as 2-D, is a way to describe shapes and objects that have exactly two dimensions. Any square, rectangle, triangle or circle, among many other shapes, are examples of 2-D objects. More » Math Geometry Shapes

The eight basic features of a civilization are large population centers, a central administrative body, complex religion, job specialization, social class structures, forms of art and architecture, organized public works... More » History Ancient History

While in Milledgeville, Georgia, visitors can visit historic sites such as the Old Governor's Mansion, view local art works at Blackbridge Hall or discover antebellum architecture. Outdoor activities include walking the ... More » Geography